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Monday, May 05, 2008


I am going to write this before the end of tonight's discussion. So, this may be moot by the time everything is said and done.

This is really an open letter to all of the people fighting so hard for the CoPar land. That is you, Michael Bailey, Ron Cockriel, the Bonitz's & others. I will say, all of your arguments about keeping CoPar from doing what they want to do are very noble.

Furthermore, I commend the rest of the people involved in the process. That includes ALL of the council members, the staff, and others involved. Many things have been brought to light that may not have otherwise been revealed.

One thing you must understand is that I too live down here. I can even admit to wandering quite regularly onto what is now (and actaully always has been) private property. I too love the area and would like to see it kept in its currently unbuilt state. For those that have not done a walk-a-bout on the land, you really should do so before the land is developed. The land is one of the finest pieces you will find.

However, with all of the discussion, with all of the lawyering and attorneying, one simple thing has been missed thru all of this. It's like the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one is talking about. And here it is:


Yes. It is that simple. It all comes down to money.

CoPar is not a non-profit. They are in it to make money. Has any of you actually talked to the principals at CoPar. They are real people. Just like you and I. They have bills to pay. They have mouths to feed. As far as I can tell, they do not seem to live an overly extravagant life. So I wouldn't characterize them as evil people. They are just that, people. People trying to make a buck.

CoPar bought the land. They bought it fairly from the Schlomkas. I would argue that ANYONE had the chance to buy the same land. The problem is, noone else stood up at the time. And now that CoPar wants to make good on their investment, everyone stands up. It might be too late. At least before the court date.

Well, there is good news. With the simple thing that is missing from all the hot air spewed out tonight, namely money, we have a solution.

To Michael and the rest of the Bailey clan living down on Sterling, to Ron, to Mayor Longrie and to all others:

The solution is very simple. Since you all love the land so much (and no one loves it more than me) and you would like to keep it how it is, how about putting your money where your mouths have been for the last two years and put your efforts into coming up with enough funds to buy the land back from CoPar? Try to convice the rest of the citizens of the city to do a referendum for enough funds to buy out even at least part of CoPar's interest, putting the land into the city's hands.

Should you choose to take on this task, I would promise to step in with you.

Until then, I am afraid that CoPar owns the land and will very likely be allowed to do what they legally have the right to do.


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