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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

If I were 164% of myself

OK. So, I got to thinking about John Nephew's letter to the LMCIT. In it he points out that over the course of 1 year, there was an increase of 164% in net losses compared with the last 20 years COMBINED. (Yes, Bob & Dave, that number is correct! This is the Truth. No Friendly math here.)

That is a stunning number.

So I began to ponder what 164% is. Let's say I weigh 210 pounds now and it has taken me 20 years from birth to get there. Next year at this time, I would weigh a whopping 528 pounds!!

This is probably what it would look like...

Before Longrie & Copeland...

After Longrie & Copeland...

Reconize anyone from these pictures...?


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